Thursday, June 25, 2009

Latest Creations

I haven't posted in awhile for a number of reasons.

1. No one else was posting and I thought people might be tiring of just me (I know you've been crocheting Katherine, show the world what you've made!).

2. Because of said lack of posts from other girls gone craf-t I was considering defecting to my own craft blog (really I was, I even had a super cool name picked out). Though I decided I wasn't mature enough to be responsible for my own blog.

3. I've been fairly lazy, what with trying to quit diet coke and all. It stinks. The quitting that is, not diet coke. Diet Coke is devine.

4. And lastly, Facebook. Why does facebook take up so much of my time?

So, here are a few things I've made lately. Strawberry Shortcakes, Donuts with rainbow sprinkles and M&M Cookies, a little bag to hold my DS, and a new twist on my Chocolate Covered Strawberries - strawberries dipped in white chocolate and drizzles with milk chocolate.

Maybe I'll start my own blog some day when I grow up and can handle the responsibility. Until then, it's just me and Katherine's craft blog, as long as she let's me stay here.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I love the rainbow sprinkle doughnuts. I am so much lazier than you. I have not been carrying my weight here and I wouldn't blame you at all for starting your own blog. (Though I would miss you.) I have tons of stuff to blog about. I have just been so lazy! (Also really into gardening lately.)