Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some new stuff- Bleeker Steet and Robert Kaufman

I love the way the aprons look with a striped sash. I'm calling this one a hummingbird apron, even though that hummingbird's beak is pretty sad. Oh well, it's still pretty cute I think! ($20) This was made with some of the fabric Bobby bought me for Mother's Day. (He has great taste, doesn't he?) It's a Marcus Bros print called Bleeker Street and I love it!

I took some of the leftover fabric and made this pincushion. (My pincushion skills need some work so this one is not for sale. :)

And here is a new turquoise floral car garbage bag. It's a Robert Kaufman print- also one of Bobby's finds. ($14)

1 comment:

Raquel said...

katherine! I am so impressed.
I didn't realize you were selling the garbage bags when you gave me Rebecca's. Darn.