Monday, November 17, 2008

Advent Calender

Not to be out done by Katherine's Christmas spirit, I whipped this up this past weekend (ok so it took me two weekends to finish). I have a little tree that my boys can hang an ornament each day until Christmas. And yes, I cut out all those numbers by hand. Sorry about the fuzzy pics. Santa better bring me a new camera for Christmas if he knows what's good for him :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deck the Halls!

Stockings antique

I'm so getting in the Christmas spirit. Which is great, since I have not purchased a single Christmas present yet. Yikes!

After having so much making this for Sophie, I've been experimenting with felt lately and decided to start selling Christmas stockings in my etsy store.

I hope you like them. Let me know what you think!

I think I like the poinsettia one the best. It reminds me of my Mom. She loved poinsettias.

I will accept custom orders if anyone is interested in ordering multiples.


Friday, November 7, 2008

I finished my quilt!

Last summer I posted when I finished this quilt top. I am very happy to show you the finished product!


Look how pretty! I decided to decorate downstairs with pinks, reds, tans and browns. I am so fortunate that Melody came through town and I could accost her for decorating tips. She told me what to do and I wrote it all down. She's a genius. Anyway, so far we've stained the wood furniture we had dark, dark brown. We have and old dining set that we were just going to get rid of and then decided we'd spray-paint the chairs brown, re-upholster the chairs in fabric coordinating the curtains and quilt, and stain the table-top. It looks great. I'm going to have to search for a before picture and post it with the final outcome.

I thought it would be fun to photograph my 2 year old cuddling up with the quilt. It didn't work out quite like I'd hoped. She was in the middle of watching Backyardigans, you see.

Sophie, please do not wipe your booger on my quilt.

Here she looked at the camera long enough to say, "Go away." Nice.

I couldn't have finished this quilt without my mother-in-law's help. She helped me figure out measurements for the backing, the batting, and the ruffle, and she even paid her good friend Connie to machine-quilt it for me. I love you Louise! I had fun working on this with you and I can't wait to show you now that it's all finished. See you on Thanksgiving!