Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Pink Sampler

This is a new set I created for my shop. It's similar to my starter set, though has a few new items and some new twists to some of my classic sweets.

Though I try to make my sweets somewhat neutral these are admittedly geared towards girls. I have a Little Chocolate Lover's Set in the works and I have a mind to make a set centered around my cherry topped cupcake (you can't stop me).

On a side note, my chocolate covered strawberries have been showcased on Etsy Stalker ( CuratorBeatrice is an Etsy fan (if you couldn't tell by her site's name) and creates groups of Etsy items (sort of like the items on Etsy's home page) centered around a theme. Check out her site to view her Valentine's Day favorites.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Doll Quilts

I found this fun tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts for an adorable little doll quilt and pillow. It was fun to sew a quilt that didn't take me two months to complete, and this was my first time using just my regular old machine to quilt. I didn't bother with an invisible stitch for the binding, since I knew my children wouldn't care.

The first one I made for my daughter Sophie.
Then our friend Jack had a birthday and since he got a baby doll for Christmas, I thought he might like some boyish bedding for his doll. I can't imagine boy doll bedding is easy to find. :)

And then Franny saw Sophie's and just had to have one for herself. :) (Her's has an "F" on it, but it's upside down. Whoops.)
My girls seem pretty happy with the finished product:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Chocoalte covered strawberries

Here are my chocolate covered strawberries. I used 4 different pinks/reds and a light and dark brown for milk and dark chocolate. I think they are one of my favorite creations so far. And check out this:

I made them so that the chocolate cover can be taken on and off. They come packaged in a little white box tied with a ribbon. They are now in my shop along with a bunch of other new creations. Check it out!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lunch Time!

Are these Dino Nuggies a staple at anyone else's house?

Despite my best efforts to diversify my 3-year-old's diet his answer to the question "What do you want for lunch?" (or dinner or snack for the that matter) is always "NUGGIES!"

This set includes 5 different types of dinosaur nuggets, a handful of baby carrots, a ranch dipping cup, and an apple juice cup.

I have yet to post this in my shop because for some reason Etsy hates any pics taken with my new camera (thanks Santa). Hopefully I get it worked out soon, I've been making some awesome stuff - look forward to my super cute chocolate covered strawberries!