Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lunch Time!

Are these Dino Nuggies a staple at anyone else's house?

Despite my best efforts to diversify my 3-year-old's diet his answer to the question "What do you want for lunch?" (or dinner or snack for the that matter) is always "NUGGIES!"

This set includes 5 different types of dinosaur nuggets, a handful of baby carrots, a ranch dipping cup, and an apple juice cup.

I have yet to post this in my shop because for some reason Etsy hates any pics taken with my new camera (thanks Santa). Hopefully I get it worked out soon, I've been making some awesome stuff - look forward to my super cute chocolate covered strawberries!

1 comment:

Julie said...

These are amazing!!!
Love them. Perhaps the uploading issue with Etsy is due to the quality of the photos. They only accept smaller files, which means when I need to take Etsy pics I change the resolution on my camera to the lowest setting, thus making a smaller file and more Etsy friendly.
Hope that makes sense.