Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Pink Sampler

This is a new set I created for my shop. It's similar to my starter set, though has a few new items and some new twists to some of my classic sweets.

Though I try to make my sweets somewhat neutral these are admittedly geared towards girls. I have a Little Chocolate Lover's Set in the works and I have a mind to make a set centered around my cherry topped cupcake (you can't stop me).

On a side note, my chocolate covered strawberries have been showcased on Etsy Stalker ( CuratorBeatrice is an Etsy fan (if you couldn't tell by her site's name) and creates groups of Etsy items (sort of like the items on Etsy's home page) centered around a theme. Check out her site to view her Valentine's Day favorites.

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