Monday, January 12, 2009

Doll Quilts

I found this fun tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts for an adorable little doll quilt and pillow. It was fun to sew a quilt that didn't take me two months to complete, and this was my first time using just my regular old machine to quilt. I didn't bother with an invisible stitch for the binding, since I knew my children wouldn't care.

The first one I made for my daughter Sophie.
Then our friend Jack had a birthday and since he got a baby doll for Christmas, I thought he might like some boyish bedding for his doll. I can't imagine boy doll bedding is easy to find. :)

And then Franny saw Sophie's and just had to have one for herself. :) (Her's has an "F" on it, but it's upside down. Whoops.)
My girls seem pretty happy with the finished product:

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Shana said...

you devil Katherine, one peek at your blog and minutes later I was rotary-cutting away creating these for my boys. I guess I should thank you, now Huggy Bear won't get cold at night :)