Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, not really, fire, just felt cupcakes, though I'm sure my feelings of elation at creating the perfect cupcake would mirror the elation one would feel if they created fire whilst stranded on a deserted island.

It was a very long and arduous process for me to make these little cuppies. I have for awhile now, not been very fond of my tea party cupcakes, not just as far as making them goes, but also the fact that they looked more like a little fondant covered mini cake, rather than an actual cupcake. So one evening a month or so ago I got out my rusty, trusty muffin tin and began trying to figure out how to get the right size and shape.

It was a long battle, going from tyring to make an actual cupcake liner with a separate cupcake to go inside, or a liner with a sewn-in cupcake, or just the actual cupcake. The only thing I succeeded in doing was finally getting a chance to use my new pinking shears. I dropped the project out of frustration - nothing I did looked good/right.

Then, last week, I picked up one of the failed patterns I'd made - I traced, I cut, I stitched, and then like magic, or a spark of fire, I had created the perfect cupcake. Yes! A skill I'm sure would help me if I were ever to get stranded on an island.

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Katherine said...

I love them!!! I need them!