Friday, October 2, 2009

Gourdy's Gang and Tom Turkey

I finished these guys just in time to put up my Halloween decorations. It's the Gourdy's Gang pattern from Threads That Bind. The stitch used throughout this entire piece is the blanket stitch, which is a pretty easy one to learn, so even you're not a big sewer, it is a pretty fun, beginner level project.

If you live anywhere in the Salt Lake valley you must go to The Handmaiden for all your wool felt needs. Their selection puts Joann to shame. Shame on you Joann for only carrying 6 colors. The Handmaiden is also right across the street from Quilt Ect., a really great quilt shop. Even if you don't quilt (which I don't) you will be inspired to do so and buy numerous quilting patterns to attempt (which I did) if you happen to stop by. So be warned.

Another project I finished was my November's Sugar Cookie Set of the Month. The cookie set of the month was something I started last month. Each month I create a set of specialty sugar cookies that involve the colors, holidays, and seasons within that month.

November's set includes a Tom turkey, a pilgrim's hat, a sunflower, and a leaf. Isn't that turkey cute? There's even a little fiberfill in his tummy to make it round and squishy.


Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish...or Shana Szendre Mollerup. I would have talents galore, cute kids and time on my hands to create adorable things for my house, friends or just because.

Shana said...

Thanks Lora! There are sacrifices I have to make though. Creating is important to me so I have to make time, like at 5:30 am! Besides, you already have the cute kids! Whatever happened to the dresser you were painting?

Katherine said...

I love these. The turkey is adorable!!

CareyCottage said...

Good Morning! I just ordered Gourdy's Gang as a woolen kit. I immediately fell in love with it's *folk art feel*. You did a wonderful job with yours!

Theresa said...

Hi ...where can I get the patterns to the turkey cookies?