Thursday, July 17, 2008

Princess Pillow

My little girl Franny is the best shopping partner. Last week when we were in St. Louis I took her to H&M with me and she was actually picking out clothes for me. Love her! So when we're shopping for fabric and she picks something out, I have to buy it and make something for her. She loved this princess fabric from walmart- she grabbed the bolts herself and walked them over to the counter so we could have them cut. I followed the ruffle pillow pattern from Sandi Henderson's blog. (I love Sandi Henderson!!) I changed the measurements, though. The pillow pieces are 13" square, and I cut two pieces for the ruffle- each piece approx. 45" by 4.5". I also did not bother with the buttons. I would if they were going to be throw pillows for my couch, but I thought since it was for Franny I would just keep it simple.

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aquabatgirl said...

i was wondering would you be willing to make another one of these adorable pillows and how much would it cost? my daughter would die (and go to heaven) if i got her one