Monday, July 6, 2009

Now, let's get down to the KNIT-ty gritty

Raise your hand if you think it's lame to give your Dad a knitted dishcloth for Father's Day? Yeah, me too. Don't worry, I sent him another perfectly respectable Father's Day present a couple weeks later. I choked. It happens.

So I really love to knit. I am crazy about it. What appears to be a scarf in the picture above is actually the start of a very big and cozy and blanket. I've been obsessed with the idea of a knitted blanket ever since Jena sold me on them at her house about four months ago. I found that pretty blue and thought it would be nice to do blocks of that brown and blue and alternate them to make a big blanket. Then I learned how to knit in a new color from my new favorite knitting book with a naughty title. And then I just started changing colors willy-nilly. So this blanket is going to be crazy and fun, and it's going to look like my first big project. And that is just fine with me!

And I was missing my best friend and worried about her because they just moved to a new town and their car broke down and their old house isn't selling and her husband's slavery to the hospital was reinstated just like my husband's, so I made her this dishcloth. That's bound to solve all her problems, right?


Jenny said...

Katherine...did you know that there are groups called Stitch N' Bitch that get together and knit? My brother...don't laugh was a member of such a group. You should check and see if you can find one in the 'ville.

Shana said...

You know there must be something about knitted pot holders and washcloths that do solve many life troubles and trials, or else, why would my RS president bring me one occasionally? Those random blankets are the best. My grandma who has passed away made all of her blankets from yarn scraps donated to her senior center and none of her blankets matched or had a pattern. Loved them.

Shana said...

oh, and so happy to see you posting here again, even with being busy gardening. Has anything ripened yet? Our strawberries are gone, but we've been feasting on peas and raspberries. If only my tomatoes would hurry up.

Katherine said...

I am waiting, waiting, and waiting for my tomatoes to turn red. There's so many! I can't wait. But they are taking their sweet time to ripen. I got only a handful of strawberries this year and I ate my first of probably about only six raspberries we'll get this first year. I'm excited for next year. I definitely want to plant peas next year. I can't eat the romaine fast enough. My basil is coming along well and the thyme, oregano, and dill are doing well. Cilantro I tried, but I've never had good luck with. My gladiolas. So pretty! Let's do posts about our garden. I want to see yours!

Jenny, I didn't know about Stitch N' Bitch groups. I'll have to check that out.

theflanfam said...

Girl, you are on a roll! Good for you. How did I just find this? I'm sure I knew about this blog before now...Very fun. I will be checking back on your lovely blanket and mad knit/crochet skills.