Monday, July 6, 2009

Secret Weapons Revealed- Red Vines and Diet Coke

I am going to start posting my craf-T endeavors on this blog again or so help me... I've got a fist full of red vines and some Diet Coke on standby. (After all it is only 7:30 in the morning.) Sheesh. How long has it been? Since I made that potholder for Ashley's birthday?


Well, I recently forgot my sister-in-law's birthday and hurriedly got to work on another potholder. I'm currently working on a matching dishcloth. I just love pink and red together.

I also made this cute little Mama owl. Next I want to make her a little baby owl.

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Shana said...

Love the owl! I got some knitted pot holders when I got married and I thought at the time "Lame!" where are the towels I registered for? But they come in quite handy and yours are cute to boot (did I just say cute to boot? sorry). I quit caffeine and even though I am proud of myself, I miss it like nothing else. I also love licorice in case you were wondering.